Pre Employment

Pre-employment checks that are fast, accurate and low cost

APPII is an automated, scalable and global background checking and onboarding platform.

Issuing checks to candidates
is really simple

In a few clicks, employers or recruiters can issue requests to candidates to complete their checks.

Compliance officers have less work to do, in particular given that APPII is integrated with several data verification providers to automatically verify candidate credentials

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Issuing candidate requests in a few clicks.

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Roles and associated check bundles are managed via ‘Personas’. You pick the Persona and we automatically pick the checks.

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Search for the user by email or mobile telephone number if the candidate is already registered and you associated them to your organization. If not, we invite them to register via email.

Ensure that all the checks and onboarding tasks are there for the candidate, then hit send. The candidate will do the rest of the work.